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"Fresh espresso. Anytime. Anywhere."

While I adore coffee, it’s not always within reach when I crave it. During my undergraduate days, I’d spend five minutes or more waiting in line just to order a cup. Even outside my usual spots, it’s quite a hassle for a lazy person like me to hunt down the nearest coffee shop whenever the craving strikes.

Coffee seems confined to home, the office, or a cafe—leaving me longing for a cup when I’m wandering through a park with nothing else to do. Traveling poses a dilemma, as I struggle to decide what to drink away from my familiar haunts. Despite my love for exploring, I still yearn for the convenience of sipping whatever I desire within the comfort of home.

This desire for on-the-go coffee convenience sparked the idea: fresh coffee, available anytime, anywhere.

"Why do I pursue a long-term sustainable lifestyle?"

My conviction is clear: inspiring more individuals to engage in protecting the planet holds greater value than accumulating wealth independently.

This question has lingered with me since my college days. Upon incorporating Outin into my life, I’ve witnessed our customers showcasing on social media a lifestyle that minimizes waste and energy consumption through the use of our products. It resonated with me profoundly.

Outin is a team that advocates for sustainable values. Our focus isn’t solely on profits; we are committed to backing international environmental initiatives and advancing new energy development with our earnings. Every purchase of our products contributes to creating a more sustainable living space. In the future, we look forward to meeting you in person, enabling everyone passionate about nature to actively participate in our sustainable endeavors.

Outln Espresso Machine Project Launched

We strongly believe that immersing in nature and touching modern civilization with an advanced sense of technology would bring a breathtaking outdoor lifestyle.

Read More2021.10

Redesign: Renew Coffee Containers & Higher Bottoms Cup & Easier to Pierce Capsule

To prevent the machine from over-extracting espresso, Outin has elevated the bottom cup with precise calculations. Additionally, we have redesigned the ground coffee basket and capsule adapter to minimize excess water retention after brewing. Furthermore, Outin has enhanced the portafilter grille to ensure a successful piercing process.

Read More2022.03

User Experience Optimized & Battery Update

To enhance our customers' user experience, Outin has reduced mounting threads and upgraded to a high-friction surface. Simultaneously, our commitment to research and develop battery technology remains unwavering. With a larger capacity of 7500mAh, our device enables 198 seconds of heating for 5 cups in cold water extraction and over 100 cups in hot water extraction.

Read More2022.07

Structure improvements & New Logo

At Outin, we believe in the significance of details. We have opted for rubber seals and minimized the gaps between components. As we evolve into a more mature brand, we've updated our logo and dedicated efforts to protect Mother Nature by spreading our brand values worldwide and actively participating in sustainable activities.

Read More2022.08

Nano launched

Our latest model, Nano, has been launched with comprehensive improvements. It boasts a smaller and lighter design, reducing heating time to 200 seconds. Enjoy extracting more cups of coffee with each charge (an additional 100+ cups with cold water). The upgraded pump system ensures a more stable extraction process. Featuring a gold-ratio design for one-key functionality, Nano is not only easy to use but also offers a variety of color selections and a brand-new design.

Read More2023.01

Technology and aesthetics drive an eco-friendly and comfortable lifestyle.

That’s Outin

We are committed to blurring the boundaries between outdoors and indoors: bringing comfort to your living experience at all times.

We welcome and appreciate all feedback and comments from our customers.

Immerse yourself in Nature, with luxury at your side

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